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Overview (Story)

“I wanna see you continue on your journey, bro!”

Ryo finally finds out on where his target, Lan Di, is heading next, and he knows that he must need to go to Hong Kong in order to find him. He is just needing a part-time work, so that he can get some money in order to get a flight to Hong Kong. He’s being helped with a thug, named Goro, in order for Ryo to find a part-time job. As Ryo is working to earn some cold-hard cash, Goro told him on how he could help out of Ryo on his revenge of his father’s death. Goro told him the whereabouts on where the Mad Angels, an underground organization which is believed to be involved in Ryo’s father’s death, are hiding.

Ryo then received an invitation from a henchman coming from the Mad Angels, while Ryo’s friend, Nozomi, got involved with Ryo’s current mess.

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Finally, a fourth Episode Review! I am really making this far.

So far, in this Episode, this is where Ryo is beginning to move with his baby steps.

In this Episode, so far, I had observed that he represents some people who doesn’t have any idea on where to start, especially when it involves money. Just think of it as setting up your own business, and you need some money capital in order to establish it well. Same as with Ryo on how he can have a flight going to Hong Kong with a sum of money (In which from the start, he doesn’t have enough money).

So then, I can see here on what does this Episode mean to me as well! In fact, Ryo is on the road to his revenge of his father’s death. Basically, what did I observe as I watch? For me, you are solving your problems on your own. But then, you found it difficult, and you can’t even think properly and you don’t know on where to start. So who could be a person who can manage to help you in solving your own problems, as an individual?

The answer is your friends. The answer also can be your “family” as well. But what if your entire family is dead? Who could be the one closest to you whom you need to go on with? Your last option here is to go to your friends.

Like Goro, for example, he is someone that has become an enemy of Ryo from the beginning, as a thug or gangster. When he accepted that he is just a normal and weak being, Goro has changed his ways and he tries to befriend Ryo. It is just basically the same as us. When weaker people accepted that they are weak, they try to make friends with that person who has put them to silence or beat down. And then, not all weak people can really accept that they are weak, after all.

And then, if you have some personal problems in which you don’t ever want to share it with your family and friends, you must not say it aloud in public, in the sense that you are posting them via your SNS accounts. Just take your personal problems seriously within you, and you must act responsibly. It is because any actions that you can take are your “responsibilities”. Like Nozomi, for example, she wanted to find out on what Ryo’s problems are, and she has finally ended up getting involved between Ryo’s battle against the underground organization, called the Mad Angels.

And to end this Episode Review, to repeat, I have learned at least three things.

First, you must accept the fact that your rival is stronger than you, and you must accept the reality that you must be friends with them, and it’s the only way for you to become stronger.

Second, in order for you to solve the problems which were impossible to complete, you must always seek help from your family and friends. You cannot solve those difficult problems and conflicts by yourself alone without seeking help from your friends and family.

Finally, you should not get yourself be involved with your other friends’ or rivals’ own personal problems. And you should not involve them with your own personal problems. Basically, you are just inviting them to worsen up your problems, thus making difficult for you to solve it!

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