Every Goal Has Achievement

For every goal, there’s achievement. What can you do in order to achieve what you desire? Basically, you must strive to work and play harder in order to achieve that goal. How to work or play harder? Just simply train and exercise. There are possibilities that you can gain something by just training, and you can use that skill that you have acquired in order to achieve that goal! Just remember that there is a certain skill that you must acquire in order to defeat that hard goal! And that achievement means more rewards in which you can use them to become stronger!

Our objective or goal today was to highlight any single moment that has appeared in the School Idol Universe, and in the LLSIF rhythm game! Today, we must begin and we finish this Episode until the very end. Right now, let us begin the 29th Episode of Inori-D Station’s blog post segment, the School Idol Festival Journal Log!


There are some highlights encountered this time! Please read below for more!

Nijigasaki 3rd Live! – School Idol Festival: The Beginning of Dreams

As seen in their recent livestream that happened last January 25, 2021, at 8:00 pm JST (UTC+9), the girls from the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club announced that they could be having a major live event this coming May!

The title of their next major live is… You know it’s a bit too long! The title is Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 3rd Live! – School Idol Festival: The Beginning of Dreams!

This third major live by the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club shall be commenced on May 8 and 9 (weekends), 2021, at MetLife Dome in Saitama, Japan. Day 1 and 2 ticket application lotteries can be acquired from the Volumes 3 and 4 of the Blu-Rays of the NijiGaku TV Anime Series! And also, official live goods are up for preorders, and they can be bought via with your respective local Anime licensors per region!

The cast is still the same. However, Shioriko Mifune’s VA shall not be appearing this time around. And instead, the VA of Yu Takasaki shall be appearing on the 3rd Live performance with the Nijigasaki Girls!

This is something to watch out for, since it can coincidentally collide with the Aqours’ major 5th Anniversary Live this coming May 1 and 2! Then after Aqours’ live is the NijiGaku live, which shall be commenced on the dates mentioned on the last paragraph above! These are going to be a two-separate adventure live show performances to be held in just one month!

Aqours and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The LoveLive! Sunshine!! team, or Aqours, has teamed up with a Japanese government department, the National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity, or NISC, for their collaboration event, known as the National Cybersecurity Awarenesss Month in Japan. The collaboration and celebration shall start on February 1, and shall last until March 18, 2021. You can go to the external link given in the embedded Tweet above for more details (Japanese)!

Tomorrow: Liella! First Livestream!

Coming up tomorrow is the upcoming livestream of the newest School Idol Group in the School Idol Universe, Liella!, or known as the Yuigaoka Girls! Their livestream shall be held tomorrow at 8:00 pm JST (UTC+9)! Catch and see these five girls for the very first time, live! Look forward into it!

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Alright, headlines are over! It seems that they were ready to drain our wallets out with their upcoming merchandise and their live show performances! But then, let us put them now aside!

So then, we are about to get some highlights and happenings in the LLSIF rhythm game during the past weekend, and this week! Please do read this Episode until the very end! Thank you very much!


As usual, we got still some grindfest Event going on in the JP Side! Right now, what is the status on my JP Side? Please read below to continue!

Round 20 Companion Match: A Warm Gift

During the past week, weekend and this week, I had been continuously playing for several hours in order to defend my Event Points Rank. Since it is an Event in the Aqours Side, it is an another grindfest Event for me. During the whole day after its commencement, I had acquired all of the Event Points item rewards (600,000 Total Event Points completion mark). So then, I had encountered several moments in which I had experienced while I was grinding.

First, in the Perfects Missions, I had been landing a Full Combo Finish on some songs, especially on the easier Level 11’s (like Humming Friend, Oyasuminasan!, and KISEKI HIKARU). But then, my Combo Chain is sometimes screwed up especially if my swiping capability in the Swipe Notes is sometimes not registering in the touch screen. And also, if I am using a regular team, I can make some good Combo Chains. But then, I am using up some Perfect Supports and sometimes getting a Miss in some parts midway at the song. Also, during Perfects Mission, I had used this opportunity to max out the Bond Points of any members in my Members List stable. I just want to clear them out, so I maxed out everything from them, including their max level. I do this by putting them in a team full of Perfect Lock Skills (the team that I am using during Perfects Mission).

Second, in Score Missions, I had finally managed to get a good high score, especially on my meta songs. Since Smile attribute is my meta, songs like MITAIKEN HORIZON, HAPPY PARTY TRAIN, and Hajimari Road, are my targets. If it is on a Perfects Mission, I don’t hesitate to use my meta team to take out these songs to get some good high score! I don’t care if I am placed in the last position due to least number of Perfect Notes squashed. There are other meta songs that you can take on with, especially on songs with higher Combo Count like Sakura Bye Bye (with 999 Combo in total). In fact, Sakura Bye Bye is truly the meta song of this Companion Match Round!

Third, the featured 5-Icon MASTER song, the Beginner’s Sailing, has put really my wits into the test. It is only a Level 10 MASTER song, but it has a Combo Count of over 650 notes! Let’s see if you can get a good score by landing a Full Combo finish on it, especially if it is on a Perfects Mission! One time, I had failed miserably this song, due to the fact that my touch screen has gone nuts again, and that sucks!

And finally, one particular friend in my Friends List is ahead of me in the Event Points Ranking. That’s the reason why I kept on playing hard and I had never lost my motivation to play hard, grind, and to defend my Event Points Rank in the Event! In fact, I am still having few more days to defend it! That’s right, I am fighting harder this time around.

This Companion Match Event is expected to end at the end of this month, in January 31. This Event is also running for a very long duration of 11 days, just same as in the last month (the endgame Event), or as long as it is falling on every months that has 31 days! I got two days remaining to play hard and to defend my current Event Points Ranking. Would I able to be victorious and get my 6th Tier 1-1 Victory in the Aqours Side? Find out as I am going to give the final results of this Event in the next week’s Episode! Look forward into it!

Round 3 Live Show Arena: Moo Rush! Taurus Dash (Final)

This sideline Event has been ended at the 25th of January, and I am going to give you some highlights of it!

In this 3rd Round of Live Show Arena, it has gotten more difficult and more advanced than before. Since they had introduced a new system, called the Ranking Match Points system, this Live Show Arena is somehow more challenging now to grind, and… to fight with. To find out what is this new Ranking Match Points system present in the future Live Show Arena Events, you can backread this one in the Episode 26 of this segment!

Since it has clashed with the ongoing Companion Match Event, it has made me decide whether to grind in this side Event, or the Companion Match one. Since raising your Ranking Match Points allows you to be promoted on a higher Rank Category, you can win additional rewards and a title which is based on your current Rank Category!

Right now, I had won the Event UR Shizuku Osaka (from the Nijigasaki Group) and some additional rewards and members, like the Blue Scouting Tickets! It is because I had finished it under the Royal Expert Category, and I had cleared all of its 50 Special Sessions to get the Special LSA Round 3 Title!

I did not get any time to finish and grind with the Ranking Match Points part, since I was busy in other agendas, at the time when there are no active Events going on in the both JP and Global Sides. And also, I did not have enough time to finish and place higher in the rankings due to the fact that I am grinding very hard in the ongoing Companion Match Event. I only finished it with a Rookie Rank Category in the Ranking Match Points. At least, I got now an idea! I know what to do next time in the next Live Show Arena Round this coming month!

The Live Show is not over. In fact, we got another Live Show Arena Event incoming this February! Coming soon and it shall be highlighted on the next week’s Episode!

Live Show Arena Tips!

I got some tips to share to you when you play this Live Show Arena Event! Especially if you are grinding for daily ranks, and for the Ranking Match Points, you better need to read this tip of mine so that you can have an idea! Please read below for some tip!

If you are grinding for Ranking Match Points and you are currently grinding and defending your current daily rank, you must either finish your current Special Session with a rival, or even quit or fail it. The tip is that if you have a current Special Session on your way, begin that live show and then quit! After you quit, you can do a Live Session play against with some rivals, and then you can start gaining some Ranking Match Points if you successfully win! Repeat this process when your Tension Gauge has maxed out. You quit your current Special Session play first and then you can resume again in doing more Live Session plays against with your rivals!

Team Building Project Update!

I am already updating you via with my Tweets from my Twitter account of what is happening right now in my on-going team building composition projects! And that embedded Tweet of mine is my recent update!

Since I had acquired enough URs, mostly Aqours URs, I can now freely create new teams based on their Center Skill! Since recently, there are lots of very good Limited URs coming out left and right, and I am always getting tempted to scout. I only scout for them whenever I need them, if they were really relevant to my current team’s build!

Recently, I had scouted for the Limited UR Ruby (as seen in the embedded Tweet above) because she is somehow relevant to my current team’s build, and her Skill can somehow boosts my Skill Level of one of my other URs within the team! Her UR Center Skill is Aqours-based, and can increase 6% more Cool attribute stats if that member is of Aqours of any school year! In fact, that UR Center Skill of Ruby can give an attribute boost of 9-6, in the Aqours team! Do also note that not only Ruby wields this UR Center Skill! My Limited UR Riko, with also having a Skill Level Boost Skill, is also having this UR Center Skill, same as with Limited UR Ruby!

As of now, I am only needing a UR Dia to complete my Aqours-only Cool attribute team, though! Same goes to my other team that needs a Hanamaru UR in order to complete my Aqours-only Pure attribute team!

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This week is going to be more intense as it is! Of what has happened last week, it is just going to be the same as in this Episode! Basically, it is just the ‘Part 2’ of this highlight! Please do read this highlight to continue!

Icon Collection: For Everyone (Final)

The details of this Icon Collection Event has been detailed and highlighted last week! Better backread that highlight last week to have an idea! For the highlights today, please read below to continue!

Last week and this week is going to be my busiest one, and it is currently clashing with my grindfest in the JP Side! That’s right! I am doing now my best to catch up and to grind hard as fast as I can to achieve the Tier 2 Event Points Rank position!

I am using this Event in order to max out the Bond Points of my unused SRs and SSRs in stable. When I got enough Seals (or N Seals), I use them to idolize them immediately, and I max out their Levels. Then, I put them into my Perfect Lock team and I play so that I could gain Bond Points after a Live Show play has been completed! Also, the Live Show modifiers, the EXP x 3 and Bond Points x 3, are present during this Event! I can instantly max out their Bond Points, and at the same time, I can increase faster my Base Player Rank.

For the Icon Collection Event Song, I am struggling to get higher score with my current team that I am using! In fact, I am already using my ‘ultimate’ team (µ’s-only Cool Team) to traverse and to get a higher score to survive in the Score Rankings! I just hope that I could make it to the ranking position, the Tier 1 Score Ranking position. Otherwise, my upgrades and trainings will be just nothing. Right now, I am finding more ways in order to improve this ultimate team of mine, though. I hope that I could make it to the Tier 1 Score Rankings this time around, and my fingers are already crossed for this one!

This Event is expected to end later, in just less than 8 hours from now at the time of this post. I shall give you the final results of this Event separately in my Twitter account, so stay tuned! And this ends the highlight of this Icon Collection Event, which is ending later! Next week shall be an another Event!

KGS Song Challenge and Update!

Right now, as of today, January 28, 2021, at 5:30pm PHT (UTC+8), as shown in the embedded Tweet, here are the results of the play count of the song, PSYCHIC FIRE, in 5 different difficulties!

  • EASY – 12,646 plays
  • NORMAL – 8,449 plays
  • HARD – 12,441 plays
  • EXPERT – 41,261 plays
  • MASTER – 44,605 plays

Seriously, MASTER difficulty of that song is just too hard for me. I can’t even land an FC finish to its EXPERT difficulty counterpart, either!

Anyway, going back, MASTER difficulty still tops the play counts, while the NORMAL difficulty is only the least one with fewer play counts. Based from the play counts, we shall be getting an incentive Love Gems bonus from them!

For the KLab Games Station (KGS) updates, it is indeed stated that they shall be changing the way they deliver updates to us via with their livestreams. That means, we shall be getting multiple livestreams in the future! Basically, what happens is that we could get separate livestreams from every games that we play! For example, this livestream shall be for LLSIF only in this timeslot. Then, we could get a separate livestream for LoveLive! ALL STARS on a different timeslot or date! We do not know what is this new streaming format be like. But then, we should be staying tuned for their further updates! That’s right, any surprise announcements can be encountered from them at anytime in the future, and we should look forward into that!

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For the LLSIF Tip of the Week, here it goes! Please read below to continue!

Be careful on running a team without any Healers!

Why? I know it’s a crazy tip, but this one is useful for beginners. For beginners who were about to play in higher difficulties, in my case, EXPERT or MASTER difficulties, they should include at least one Healer in their team formation. And that is, when your HP goes down low, you can still continue to fight on, and your HP shall be restored at a certain rate.

When you are attempting to traverse any very hard songs in MASTER difficulty, like PSYCHIC FIRE and Hajimari Road, you must include some Healers in your team. If you are very inexperienced in taking out the songs like these for the first time, you are likely to fail the song immediately before you can even finish it. It is important to know the notes formation of the song and study it. Then you can traverse it and include any Healers in your team to recover some little HP, if it happens when you get more MISS notes. Traversing these very hard and heavy notes formation takes more time and practice, and they can stress your fingers out, causing fingers and thumbs over-fatigue. But then, once you can traverse it very well without missing notes too much, you may use less to no healers, and you can start aiming later for Full Combo Finishes, or even a higher score to place yourself higher in the Score Rankings of every single of Events!

Also, Healers can be an important role when you do Live Sessions or even in Special or Dream Sessions in the Live Show Arena. Better keep that in mind, since some rivals can take the portion of your Stamina HP away gradually during your Live Show play!

And finally, don’t forget to add up your Heal School Idol Skill item equipped to any member that has a Heal Skill. This can add up to 480 Score times the number of Stamina HP recovery count that your member’s Healing Skill has, given if your HP is full. You can use those Heal Skills to overflow your Stamina HP bar, and you can gain a bonus tap score up percentage based on your overflowing Stamina HP count!

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Get Ready for the Next Goal… Next Week!

Another Goal has been done, yet another new Goal has been appeared! That new Goal shall be more harder and more complex than the previous one that you have cleared! Basically, next week shall be more difficult than ever!

Thank you for reading this Episode! I hope that you have learned something new from this Episode today, like the tips above! Remember to read weekly my segment here on IDS, so that you can have an idea of what’s happening right now in the School Idol Universe, and in the LLSIF rhythm game!

And this ends the Episode 29 of School Idol Festival Journal Log! Anything that has happened today (i.e. Breaking News) shall be included in the next week’s Episode! See you next week and happy weekend! Cheers!

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