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Think on the Brink

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
Save Senshi from the Griffin!

As Laios’ party has finally departed from the Golden Country, they were under attack by the giant Griffin, and Senshi was caught. In order to save him, Marcille has thought of summoning a familiar.

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This Episode is somehow looking serious, but bit funny. Review time!

So then, the name of the Mad Mage has been revealed here, and it’s Thistle!

The very first part of this Episode is somehow a continuation from the previous one. But then, it has nothing to do with the current Episode, but significant in the story/plot.

Senshi finally revealed his weakness here, and it appears to be a giant Griffin, in which he is talking about! He is also tricking and redirecting his friends about it, and it’s my first time seeing him going in a cowardly state.

And also, it’s nice to see Marcille gearing her brains up when the time of need has come. And then, I thought at first that the Familiar creatures are small and scary. But then, they are creatures that looked like “critters”, and are expendable.

The pacing of the story is just normal, and only the ending part has given me a question on what could be happening next, since Senshi is just giving a background of his own life.

My thoughts in this Episode is bit intense, especially when it is somehow got an action, where they could actually sneak and attack their enemy around. So basically, it’s more of a “rescue mission” in order to save someone in danger. And learning the three types of monster summoning has given me some plot or story ideas!

Thinking and deciding without hesitation — This is what I have learned from this Episode as an insight!

And overall, this Episode is just nearly average. It really loses my patience when they add up some unnecessary plots here in this Episode (And some previous ones). What’s gonna happen next when they finally encounter Falin and the Mad Mage in the future? I can say that this current season is gonna end up in a miserable cliffhanger, just like in the previous cour in this season.

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.3/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (3/5) – They literally wrapped up the events in the previous Episode, before proceeding into the next one which has a little to average progression of story.
Animation: (4/5) – The color grade is looking good here. When they are in a dark area in the dungeon, it is no longer as dark as in the previous ones I have seen (The first part is still dark though).
Insights: (3/5) – Think and decide without hesitation. If you really need it in times of trouble, never look back and never have second thoughts.

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Series Info
Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi) - Part 2 Visual

This Anime series can be watched on Netflix.

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