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Horse and Kraken

This review post may contain visual and contextual spoilers. Please read at your own discretion.

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Overview (Story)
“All living things have parasites.”

Laios’ party had reached the fourth floor of the dungeon, and they saw an underground lake. They just need to cross the lake in order to reach the next part of the dungeon. But it seems that their lake-crossing adventure turned into a seafood monster battle — especially the giant kraken that appeared later, wiping out some other sea creatures.

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Review time! Let’s see what are my insights in this Episode!

I am gonna take a look at Senshi, who is a dwarf. So then, I had finally seen his true expression and feelings now. He can be a tough guy to deal with, but when it comes to drowning to water, he is kinda afraid. Somehow, his weakness though.

It seems that Laios is very keen when it comes to sensing monster attributes. From the start, I thought that he was mad at Senshi. But then, Laios was just right that the Kelpie can be deceiving on its eyes, despite that Senshi knows it for a long time. Yep, and this can be an another insight to be given later in the summary.

For Marcille, she couldn’t really change in hating dungeon food, except this time around that their monster opponent is of a fish type. Eating creepy-crawlies or other slimy-gloomy food aren’t really her type, but there are some that she can really eat. Of course, when it comes to magic, she can be an expert, somehow — like that staying on the top of the lake waters!

Chilchuck just absolutely didn’t do anything significant here. Except to the scene where he was hunting along with Laios. He can be easily hypnotized, until Laios slaps him.

Yep, and I do really laugh on the scene where the mermaids are singing, and Chilchuck and Laios are on a hunt. It seems that the mermaids can be repelled by just singing ugly music, and how funny the singing Laios got! Other funny scenes, such as Senshi being drowned into the waters, are the things to laugh on, for me.

Overall, this Episode can be average, yet funny. Of course, when it comes to the giant kraken that they battle, the atmosphere becomes a bit serious this time around, thus transitioning the mood.

So far, this is all that I can detail.

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (3/5) – Plot pacing is normal. The execution of the scenes there are just average to good, too.
Animation: (3/5) – Some bit of significant character development here has happened, such as Senshi who can be afraid of drowning, and Laios being more keen and sharp here. So far, the other animation elements here can be just right or average.
Insights: (5/5) – Two insights can be found here in this Episode: One is that we should never trust anyone, which would include some people who are close to us. We can be close to someone that we like, but then, they are soon taking advantage of our kindness, leading them to do something treacherous and evil to us. And two is that… Never eat raw food or meat! Who knows that there might be some parasites inside, or something poisonous? That’s even dangerous, and we should remember that!

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Series Info
Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi)

This Anime series can be streamed and watched on Netflix.

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