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Overview (Story)
“Only I level up all this time.”

Sung Jinwoo was trapped along with a D-Rank Hunter, Yoo Jinho, when their party members had left them in the dust, and a giant spider has awakened before them. When Sung is being confident that he can beat the dungeon boss, he all went to fight it by himself.

When Sung has finally defeated the giant spider boss, this party has returned. It seems that they wanted to kill Sung from the beginning. And now, these six party members are all turning towards Sung to kill him.

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This Episode is really giving me some MK video game vibes here. Review time!

Had you played an R-17 video game, in which you can do some “fatality” moves when the game says “FINISH HIM!” when he is weak? Basically, I got that vibes during at the end.

Sung Jinwoo did really change here because his stats had really gone a spike increase here. And I had been hearing from other people who said “E-Rank”, or “The Weakest of All Mankind”, something like that. But then, the one who is literally weak, from just being a bummer, now to being a cool, buffed Hunter.

Of course, the action scene here looks amazing. He is just a human Hunter who fought a giant spider with just an upgraded knife, and took it down!? Definitely, he is taking down enemies, whose levels are just a couple than him.

It is a fact that strength doesn’t matter when you battle. It is really determined by your skills, and on how to use them on a rightful way. Just like that D-Rank Hunter, Yoo Jinho, who got some expensive equipment, but is really useless because he doesn’t have the skill to use them in a right way. You can read more in the Insights later.

I got no problem when it comes to action scenes. Such as that, some random conversations are popping out during, or at a middle of every vigorous battles and scenes. It is basically telling me to pause first, before resuming a game! And that plot pace strategy is awesome!

Overall, this Episode is really the best! So far, this could be one of my highest rated Episode that I had done ever since! I had never expect that this such Episode is great — Yep, those blood and fatalities!

My Rating: BEST (5/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (5/5) – This Episode is mostly action-oriented, while random conversations cuts in between, as if it is like pausing a game, even if you are in the middle of a fight or battle! So far, the plot strategy is great, though it is slow at times.
Animation: (5/5) – Definitely, the serious eyes, and some more blood and fatalities can really satisfy me more! So far, Sung Jinwoo did really fight for the best here in order to prove himself.
Insights: (5/5) – It doesn’t matter when it comes to your current strength or some powerful equipment that you have. Of course, knowing your opponent’s attributes and their strengths and weaknesses are important. If you take advantage to them, definitely you can defeat them, even if you are low-leveled. And also, your skills do even matter than strength alone.

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Series Info
Solo Leveling
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This Anime series can be streamed and watched on Crunchyroll, and some other VODs like Netflix.

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