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Why is This Fairy Troubled?

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Overview (Story)
“I have never met creatures like you before.”

To get the Shield of Truth, Rein and his party must go to the mysterious deep forest, where no other people or adventurers are able to get across it. Lies within the forest is the Shield of Truth, where it is needed in order to defeat the Demon King.

Rein has discovered that a tree is creating a barrier, and they must destroy it in order to pass through. But a voice of a fairy, who is also one of the strongest creatures like Kanade and Tania, has stopped them. Rein was the only one who could stop and calm this fairy, who is named as Sora.

Something is really troubling Sora, after she was able to gave the item that Rein and others are looking for. What could be her problem, in which it makes Rein to go back to her?

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Alright, let’s get on to the review and impression post of mine!

Story Episode is just linear with some branching elements, where a simple plot can have a branching part, and a certain part of the branch must be finished first before going to the next branch, just in order to resolve them. Basically, it is just like playing a typical adventure RPG video game after all, where you shall have to finish that quest in order to unlock another quest! And that’s the element which is present in Beast Tamer Anime, after all!

And also, I do really praise this Episode for showing everything that has happened during this Episode. Such as that, it really shows some “arrows” and “diagrams” on how did they explain those barrier things, or even how do people or adventurers lost in a forest due to the hidden powers or some sort of incantations! Of course, some younger teens can’t imagine on how does that thing really work, and finally they can really understand through the diagrams shown during in some Episodes. Yep, and I like that.

Characters. It is really foreshadowed at the opening and ending credits of this Anime already, right? Sora is the other half of the fairy sister, who is Runa. Sora is really calm and cool here. But will her sister, Runa, shall be the opposite? Who knows! And then, I do really love the “pat-the-head” scene here, whenever Kanade and Tania go angry, and they were so cute! Of course, Rein can do everything in order to resolve some conflicts, whether big or small. And he is the guy who never leaves someone behind, with their problems unresolved.

There is not much action here, except on Sora who attacked Rein. But then, the dialogues can really tell if your eyes are already closing due to the fact that it is really boring, isn’t it? However, as I had analyzed the story and dialogues very well, it is just like it’s right, and there is nothing confusing, except when you forgot on how did it really start — How did Arios’ request turned into a special quest that needed them to defeat a powerful C Rank Boss monster in order to complete the quest? Something like chain reaction, where an another quest will ensue, just after you successfully completed an another quest. Yep, a typical RPG video game, as usual.

I have learned that if a person is troubled, we can’t really turn down ourselves from learning on what is that person’s problems. Of course, we don’t just leave him or her alone without resolving their problems, right? We just need to do everything in order to resolve somebody’s problem, without putting other people into danger or harm.

My Rating for this Episode: AVERAGE (3.8/5)

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Series Info
©Suzu Miyama, Moto Shigemura / BEAST TAMER Production Committee

Beast Tamer (Full title: 勇者パーティーを追放されたビーストテイマー、最強種の猫耳少女と出会う / A Beast Tamer Who Got Expelled from the Heroes Party Meets a Strongest-Race Nekomimi Girl) is a novel series created and written by Suzu Miyama. Its TV Anime counterpart was aired and streamed since October 2, 2022.

See this page for more information.

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