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Which One is the Enemy?

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Overview (Story)
“Your goals are despair.”

In order for Shotaro and Philip to find out the true criminal who is donned as the Alcohol Dopant, they have asked the true identities of the people who are wearing masks. They only did it when the Mansion Owner is away.

It seems that every night, a girl is being killed without a trace. This has led Shotaro to guess on who is truly the Gaia Memory user, and he suspected that Kanna is the one.

And when the cellular phone signal has been restored, Philip calls for help. And then, the group of Akiko, along with Ryu Terui, have travelled to the place where Shotaro and Philip are.

It seems that Kanna is not only a user of the Alcohol Dopant Gaia Memory here. It seems that Philip has come into a conclusion that the girls of the Mansion Owner are believed to be the users of the Alcohol Gaia Memory, which is also revealed later that they were used as experiments. And then, will they finally find out on who is really the criminal who is behind with this life-taking experiment?

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Review and impression post! So far, Kamen Rider Accel has finally made appearance here!

Let’s go with the story first. It seems that it is really testing the viewers on who is really the enemy here — or rather, a Gaia Memory user. When I had found out that it was that person, I do really not believe that he or she is actually the one, because they were proven innocent. Well, some people are really dishonest, despite that they are very truthful with their feelings. The theme here is somehow a test of truthfulness and honesty, because this is where your critical thinking skills are put into the test. It is just like solving a puzzle, or even a riddle. And in the end, I thought that one of the girls there are the criminals. But actually, they were just like “human experiments”, where in they were used as “subjects” for their wicked projects. And it is really a common sight in some older “Tokusatsu” shows, where children and/or people are used as human experiments by these group of evil organizations.

Characters. Especially with Ryu Terui (Kamen Rider Accel) who appeared here, let me give you some background or profile of his, so that you can have an idea, even if you haven’t watched Kamen Rider W TV Series! Kamen Rider Accel can really transform into a “Human Motorcycle”, and this was seen during in an Episode where Kamen Rider W literally rides on it, and they battle a huge Dopant enemy there. There are at least three (3) forms of Accel here: Namely his default red Accel form, the Accel Trial (Blue), and the yellow one, which is named as Accel Booster. The Trial Gaia Memory was acquired from a mysterious woman in black shrouded clothes, who is named as Shroud. And then, he used the Trial Gaia Memory in order to defeat the Weather Dopant. I haven’t tried knowing his other form, called the Accel Booster. Maybe I could research about it, perhaps, when I got time?

And Philip here is quite good in explaining some crime stuff to the audience, and even me do like it! And just I have thought, Philip does have an appearance of a girl, with the spirit of a boy who is trapped inside. And that’s why, Philip is sometimes used for cross-dressing, in which he didn’t like it in general. But then, his cross-dress transformation was seen during the “eye catch” of this Episode.

I have learned that it is really important that we should tell the truth already, rather than keeping them to ourselves. It is basically when that problem of yours have worsened up, it may never be settled down further. So then, we should tell them, and we should never hesitate to open up your feelings to anybody. It is basically when you shout them out, rather than storing them all inside until you are hurt!

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Series Info
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Fuuto PI (Fuuto Tantei) is an Anime series which is based from the “sequel manga series” of Kamen Rider W, a 2009 TV Tokusatsu Series.

PI in the title can be either “Private Eye” or “Private Investigators”. Otherwise, it is called as “Detective”.

For more info, see this page.

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