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Agent of the Jet-Black Flames

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Overview (Story)
“Your silly games are over!”

Everyone else in the town were being kidnapped by the group of Oboromons. They capture and kidnap them by means of uttering such phrase to show up a specific color of an object. For example, if the red Oboromon is hunting any person who is not carrying or wielding a red object, he will attack and capture them. They were known as the Human Hunters, because every time of the night, they steal them, and they put them into a separate dimension to make them fuse overtime.

It seems that the five-colored Oboromons are competing for the “king” title, and the one who captured the most Humans shall be declared as the king. Hiro and Ruli got captured in the end, and Gammamon was unable to Digivolve without Hiro. So then, in the end, Gammamon’s rage has finally summoned GulusGammamon again.

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Beyond the red and blue flames, which are the hottest flames, I think the jet-black (purple) flame is the strongest of them all. And at the same time, the most dangerous flame.

Been really expecting that GulusGammamon shall be appearing here, since Gammamon is in a pinch, and Hiro is not around to make him Digivolve. It is just basically similar to Kiyoshiro who said “Integer overflow” and “Limit break”. But then, my question in me has finally formed here. Where did Espimon go while that battle is ongoing? Maybe he is saying that GulusGammamon is the real Hiro that is he looking for? I don’t know the possibilities, but I think that was my theory question that I got in mind.

Story is somehow referencing an another horror story or scene here, where bodies of the victims were merged or tied into one. I don’t remember on what movie or series did I see this kind of scene before, where living things are merging into one. And also, another demon or “oni” story here, just like in the previous Episode where they also fought an oni Digimon before. And definitely, when competing for such “king” or superiority, they are thinking of nothing, but themselves. Even if they compete as one, some of them are really greedy and selfish for power. And what happens is that they would end up being defeated in despair.

Sometimes, our anger can’t be really avoided at the times that we are in a pinch. At the point that we can’t settle ourselves down due to defeat or despair, we are finally being blinded by our own rage and anger. What happens is that we have totally lost control, and more than just attacking our enemies, we also attack our own friends and companions, too. And those are the things that I have learned from this Episode.

More often than not, GulusGammamon is a Digimon that can be somehow cheered upon, when things go in a pinch, and he will just spank those baddies like kids!

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Series Info
© 本郷あきよし・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション

Digimon Ghost Game began airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since October 3, 2021.

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