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A Guitar’s Last Strum

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Overview (Story)
“We will do everything to crush them… Let’s win!”

On the field spots where Hiyori is usually hanging out, she meets a girl named Michelle Jaeger. Michelle is a member of a duo-team, called the Snow Wolf, whom the Team RISE shall be facing in the Kanagawa Finals of the Extreme Hearts Tournament.

Michelle has to give up and sell her guitar because she needs more money for food for her living with her partner, Ashley Vancroft. Hiyori learns that the Snow Wolf members themselves are running a robot and other mechanical development factory, where they do development and maintenance of their own player robots for their sporting games. At the same time, they eat a lot of food, especially before or after every of their heavy activities like sporting practice!

Their next sporting game is a volleyball. Team RISE shall be facing Snow Wolf, and the winner shall be facing whosoever the team has won over that other team (May-Bee against LINK@Doll)!

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Speaking of this Episode, let’s have a review and impression. Gosh… a victory, in exchange for your talent and reputation…

Hiyori is really a girl who likes to befriend everyone, especially rivals and enemies. Because of her, she has brought them together in one common spot, where they have to play and to fight each other, together. Michelle can be tough at speed and agility, but she can be weak when it comes to power and physical defense. And Ashley is somehow powerful when it comes to striking and defensive capability (volleyball). And that’s why, Snow Wolf is a duo-team which can be an all-arounder, unlike from Team RISE who were unable to win, especially at the time that they are still incomplete. And then, what’s that action where Hiyori suddenly ditched off from the play field, after she successfully blocks Michelle’s strike?

Story is basically showing that people like Michelle can have talents like playing a guitar and to sing along with it. However, it can require some lot of money in order to enjoy for your talents and hobbies that you have and love. And in the end, when there are times that you need money for your daily needs, then you shall have to give up something that you ain’t capable to be with anymore. And instead of keeping it while it gets rot, then you shall have to give it away to someone who could definitely have and inherit it, and to continue that legacy of yours. Michelle and Ashley are originally engineers and inventors of machines and robots, and thanks to the Extreme Hearts that they had discovered, and they were able to enter in the world of music (live shows) and sporting games.

Sometimes, to give up on something that we ain’t capable of taking care anymore is the only way in order to become stronger and better. Like for Michelle who said that she wanted to give up on her music career, and to focus on her robotics and mechanical engineering with Ashley, it is really a sign that we should learn on how to move on and to progress into a new life or activity. It is a fact that the new activity or life of ours can be a lot more better and stronger than in the previous life on where we are. And this is something that I have learned from this Episode.

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Series Info
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Extreme Hearts began airing in Japan since July 10, 2022 with its First Episode, and began streaming on some streaming networks worldwide.

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