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Counting Up Crimes

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Inori-D Station strives to give spoiler-free Episode Reviews and Impressions in this post.

Overview (Story)
“Don’t you want me here, Shotaro?”

The battle has finally ensued between with the Road Dopant and W (the transformed Shotaro and Philip). This time, they would never let their target escape from them.

But then, the case isn’t over yet, and they found out that their client is also a Gaia Memory user in the end. He was involved with the whereabouts of the mysterious Witch of the T-Intersection Road, who is Tokime, and being also involved with the guys and goons at Tachikawa. And also, this is where they found out the mysteries with Tokime’s lost memories, and a mysterious parallel world which is residing along within the city of Fuuto.

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Interesting, cool, and awesome! A Kamen Rider show for adults and other older people who were fans of the manga, and the original TV Tokusatsu series! Alright then, let’s give it a review and impression!

It seems I really expected that the story arc would last up to two Episodes, based from the format of the original Tokusatsu series counterpart. But then, I was wrong, though! And since this is an another story, where it continues the story after the events that happened in the final Episode, this isn’t the same Kamen Rider W where the usual plot format is always happening all around again. In fact, they were all based from the “sequel manga series” itself, wherein you should be avoiding on looking or reading that source material at all costs, if in case you don’t want some major spoilers.

Alright, going back to the proper review and impression post!

Characters. Shotaro’s additional character details have been revealed here, as mentioned by his partner, Philip, in this Episode. He can be a half-boiled (hard-boiled) badass detective. And then, he can be popular among with the girls and women whom he has met, and they can sometimes date with him, if they have to. But then, he can be a total sucker when it comes to love. For every girls and women whom he has fallen in love with, they were all ending up in a tragedy. You know, when it comes to love life, sometimes, your girlfriend is just like establishing a business, wherein she is your responsibility, and you should be taking good care of it. But then, my most favorite part of the detective duo is Philip. In fact, Philip is just like a “walking Google Search”, and his dimension library is the “Internet”. Tokime somehow reminded me of Philip, who also lost some own memories. And did you know that Philip have lost his memories, too, in which he found out that he is a part of the Sonozaki Household? And his name is… Then, that’s another spoiler for you, if you haven’t watched the Kamen Rider W TV Series. And then, Akiko Narumi also mentioned Ryu Terui in the end, though that he is not present. He might be appearing also on this series, don’t worry, on the succeeding Episodes! And finally, the big baddies in their current major investigation case have been revealed, too, and they were foreshadowed already from the beginning (in the opening credits).

Story is just basically continuing the last piece of a puzzle. And as mentioned by me in the previous Episode, Kamen Rider W has at least three basic forms (one is his default Cyclone-Joker form). And then, it has finally reminisced its fans like me on Kamen Rider W’s other forms. And did I mention that those three basic forms can be just interchanged by using different combinations of their own Gaia Memories (Like Cyclone-Metal, Luna-Joker, and such)? And then, the story or plot is never as simple as it is, since I have finally realized that the complexity of it has gone over to its newer level. In fact, it has some plots or topics that some viewers might never understand or get, especially with that case-solving part. Those case-solving parts, such as identifying on who’s really the criminal, can be a tricky part. And it is really important that some viewers like me should pay attention with the details, especially on some subtitles that say that what really has happened in the incident and such. So then, it is just like watching a crime TV Series in Hollywood, wherein some dialogues there are too difficult to understand. This is definitely a Kamen Rider W show, in which it is never the same before. And to note, it has some “mature” scenes, where it is no longer intended for younger Kamen Rider fans who usually watch them in every Sunday mornings primetime. And my final notes with this Episode is that it is really tricky and complex, especially on what the characters are saying can have different meanings.

Overall, it’s nicely done and impressive. And I know that not all Episodes in some Anime shows that I have watched can have a perfect metascore. I am really going to watch it until the very end, especially when it becomes a seasonal Anime, soon, if it has to!

And in this Episode Review and Impression post, to end it, I have learned that sometimes your strangers that you are befriending now can be your villains. It is really important to know very well the background history of that individual, before you could eventually become best friends with it. Sometimes, betrayal can be your fatal end, especially if you had really put your trust with that person in years, and in the end, you are being betrayed and overthrown in despair.

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Series Info
©2022 FUUTO PI Partners

Fuuto PI (Fuuto Tantei) is an Anime series which is based from the “sequel manga series” of Kamen Rider W, a 2009 TV Tokusatsu Series.

PI in the title can be either “Private Eye” or “Private Investigators”. Otherwise, it is called as “Detective”.

For more info, see this page.

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