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To Get a Victory

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.


Riko got a left ankle injury, due to the illegal checking done by their opposing team. It was because she tries to catch up with Naomi who is about to have her puck getting stolen by her opponent. She then accidentally slipped, and injured her left ankle at the same time. While their team is losing their scoring advantage against their ice hockey opponent team, Naomi tries to remember her past about on how she quitted ice hockey sport that time. She then tries to awaken herself to reality, when she finally realized that it’s her turn to help and support Riko. Will Riko’s empowerment help Naomi this time in order to stay in the game, and help her teammates in Nikko Dream Monkeys to achieve their first victory?


The Episode title is “Awakening”, while for my Episode Review title, it is called as “To Get a Victory”. For my explanation, please read my next paragraph below!

In every Anime that I had previously watched before (Usually at the 9th or 10th Episodes), this is where on what we can call as the Climax Episode, where heroes and heroines could get a chance to stand up and win. It is something like you can take advantage of your new power in order to strike back against your enemy who had defeated you devastatingly in battle. And that moment is usually present in some known superhero TV series in Japan.

And then, let us go to the review of this Episode!

Basically, it is just a continuity Episode about Riko Saginuma and Naomi Takagi, in the previous Episode 2 and Episode 8. It really shows that how characters do get their further development through struggles and hardships.

In my Episode 2 Review of this series, it shows Riko and Naomi as the opposite polarities of each other. Riko is described on her hair color (golden yellow) as bubbly, wild, and sporty girl. And Naomi is just the opposite from Riko, who is described as gloomy, calm, and lazy girl (noted for her black hair color).

And then, some character developments had been ensued on Riko and Naomi when Riko was finally out from the action due to her ankle injury (As shown in this featured image). Naomi was clueless on what to do next when Riko was put out from the play. To reveal some character developments, it is going like this. Riko always helps Naomi whenever she is in trouble. That time, Naomi quitted ice hockey because she don’t want to suffer the same past anymore, wherein she got hit by someone. And as Riko mentioned before, she wanted Naomi to play in a defensive manner without getting hit physically. And she also told her that she must always move faster than her opponent, until she finally backs her up. And that’s what it means of playing in the game defensively!

In this current Episode Review, it shows in some parts about the past-time memories of Riko and Naomi. And then, I had observed that about 50% of the screentime is a lot more focused on these two, and the rest is for the current main story. Basically, it takes an Episode to complete one-full ice hockey game match. But then, I can really observe that other sports matches can even take more than two Episodes, I think? For a simple story plot, I could tell that it can be slow-paced, when it comes to something like this. Remember that one particular series that takes at least 7 Episodes (almost two months) before he could absolutely defeat his boss enemy?

But then, it really shows about the principle of give and take. This is really something that if you do something good to him or her (even at your family or relatives), he or she might help you in return. And this is what we call as “returning a favor”, or “repaying the debt”. And finally, that was my answer and explanation to the phrase, in which it shows a principle of give and take.


Right now, we shall be talking about the history of this ice hockey sport! Let’s talk about this by learning another history!

Let’s talk about a common occurrence in every ice hockey games! It’s none other than the injuries that resulted when players do checking tactics!

Injuries in ice hockey can be serious and fatal. And as mentioned before, it occurs when some players made a mistake in body checking against their opposing players in a team!

When do these injuries occur? Some situations, such as trying to steal the puck from your opponent, and by accidentally hitting him or her with your ice hockey stick, are some examples. And as mentioned before in my previous Episode, in the Ice Hockey History corner, all kinds of Body Checking, when used in a women’s ice hockey, are considered as illegal checking. And those are subjected to a Penalty!

Some other common injuries in ice hockey are the leg and head injuries. Head injuries do occur randomly, irregardless if the player is wearing a helmet or head gear. And this was caused by a body checking from behind.

Since ice hockey is a sport that is played by using your ice skates to move around the ice rink, playing and moving at very high speeds can be dangerous and risky. A simple mistake in body contact with an opposing player (Or even your teammates) can be the main cause on why these such injuries do occur.

And finally, this is something like Riko Saginuma said before that she wanted Naomi Takagi to play in a defensive manner without getting hit by somebody.


Pride of Orange (2021, dubbed: PURAORE! (プラオレ!) -Pride of Orange-) is a Japanese Anime series about ice hockey sport. This Anime series was produced by CyberAgent/EXNOA, and character designs were done by Craft Egg (known for BanG Dream! Girls Band Party smartphone video game). Animation style was done by C2C. This Anime series has been aired and streamed since October 6, 2021, with its first Episode.

In Tochigi Prefecture in Japan, at Nikko City, an ice hockey sport season has opened for girls who wanted to aim for the ice hockey world championships.

A female junior high schooler, named Manaka Mizusawa, has become interested in playing the ice hockey sport. While she invited her girls who were her friends, they entered and tried for this sport game.

Their journey for aiming their first win, indeed, begins when they had experienced the world of ice hockey sport!

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