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Eeny, Meeny, Money, Moe.

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.


Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai has set up thousands of virtual charms all over the city, the digital space, and including other people’s smartphones and devices. Knowing that these virtual charms could actually block phenomenal Hologram Ghosts that can harm people, those can also block any monetary transactions flowing around, which includes digital wallets that contain digital money!

A Digimon, named Jellymon, has appeared when Kiyoshiro wears and activates the Digivice! Jellymon seems to be more dominant than Kiyoshiro — Is she even a Digimon partner for him?

The skies turned dark and several earthquakes occured, and this giant Digimon is looking for somebody who is responsible in stopping the flow of money around! Who knows that this culprit shall be deserving some divine punishment!


Following the foreshadowing of the characters that appear in the opening animation credits of this Anime series, we can finally get to know the next character, who is Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai!

Kiyoshiro is just like some people who can act cowardly, but can act serious temporarily! Basically, he is just one of the guys who could act as ‘side male character’ in any known Anime series which do feature ‘Harem’ genre. And on what had Jellymon said, during her talk with Hiro and Gammamon, it is basically Kiyoshiro’s profile.

I had seen some familiar texts which can be either written in plain English, or in Japanese kanji. The term MAD is an acronym for music animation douga, in Japanese phrase, actually (Douga (動画) means video). I had discovered this meaning a long time ago through research. And then, this Japanese acronym term, MAD, is just actually equal to AMV (Anime music video), in English term.

And for the Digimon that appeared, who is Jellymon, she can actually shapeshift from her jellyfish form into a form that has almost the same appearance as a typical human body. Yep, these Digimon can be various, and they can be anything in form, whether a slime, four-legged, or even having a humanoid form! Jellymon can be dominant, and she has chosen Kiyoshiro because of his cowardly traits. She can be a type of Digimon who can be treating her Digimon user as a slave! But then, we haven’t seen anything too much from Jellymon. Maybe in the next succeeding Episodes to come, perhaps?

As we had all of the characters which were being foreshadowed at the opening animation credits of this Anime series, now that they were completed altogether! Now that they were completed, with their Digimons alongside with them, will the next Episode be the first one in which they shall be in action altogether? Find out, since their true mission is just really beginning!


For the Digimon that appeared in this Episode, let us get to know this one!

Majiramon! A Digimon that has descended from the heavens, as a dragon of divinity! Yep, and it is somehow like a god which involves money!

Name: Majiramon
Type: Holy Dragon
Attribute: Data
Level: Ultimate
Special Attack: Vedhaka

Info taken from:

It has a body of a Chinese Zodiac Dragon, with four legs and long arms. It can do anything like putting anything with a price, and to judge things by looking at their price tags!

Its divine punishment (special attack) can destroy its entire horde of enemies by spreading a shower of flaming arrow shots, Vedhaka!

Make sure to put price tags in your listings when you sell your items. Or deserve Majiramon’s divine punishment!


Digimon Ghost Game (2021) is an Anime Series which is a part of the franchise, called as the Digimon Series (dubbed as Digital Monsters). It has been aired and streamed in Japan and overseas with its first Episode since October 3, 2021.

The story takes place with Hiro Amanokawa, with his partner Digimon named Gammamon, in a world where Hologram Ghosts (transparent, floating digital images) do exist. There is a phenomenon where certain Hologram Ghosts are becoming mysteries, and they are slowly beginning to play and take lives of people.

While many people can’t able to see these ‘phenomenal’ Hologram Ghosts, certain people who has an item, called the Digivice, can able to see them.

These phenomenal Hologram Ghosts that exist in both Digital World and the Human World were called as ‘Digimon’.

With Hiro’s father entrusting him with a Digivice, as well as a Digimon partner, their mystery-solving adventure begins. They step along in a mysterious world where only Digimons live within.


The Digimon Series is a franchise or series created and developed by Akiyoshi Hongo in 1997, and was co-created with Toei Animation (one of the grandfathers of the known animation studios in Japan). It was actually based from the Digital Monster, a virtual pet digital game by Bandai, which was knowingly based from the popular Tamagotchi virtual pet digital game created by the same company, also.

Digimon is a shortened name for Digital Monsters (Japanese dubbed: デジタルモンスター). They are creatures in a digital form in which it can be raised by feeding items and foods, as well as battling with other Digimons (other people) in order to become strong and versatile.

This series has been developed and conceptualized since year 1997, and video games, as well as its Anime counterparts, has been spawned since year 1999, starting with the popular Digimon Adventure Anime series.

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