Are you ready to build a Gunpla?

Sunrise and Bandai Spirits announced a new Gundam Series, called Gundam Build Real. Its PV trailer was uploaded on their YouTube channel.

Somehow, this is a first Gundam Series which is not in an Anime format, but of a live action format.

Gundam Build Real shall be released and be streamed via Gundam Channel on YouTube, starting on March 29, at 8 PM JST.

This live action project is produced by Sunrise under the supervision of Katsuyuki Motohiro as part of the “GUNPLA LINK PROJECT”, a commemorative project for the 40th anniversary of Gunpla in 2020. It is a special video work realized by live-action composition of Gunpla battle by CG with the youth group image drama of high school students.

Via its official website,