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Yohane’s Birthday Edition!

Welcome to the third episode of my public gaming diary, the School Idol Festival Journal Log.

Before making the highlights this week, let me celebrate first the one of the Aqours member’s birthday. It is none other than Yoshiko Tsushima! And she wanted to be called Yohane, the Fallen Angel! Her birthday is celebrated every 13th of July, and birthday campaigns are ongoing that time in both of the versions of School Idol Festival game! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

That’s right! That’s coming from my sub-Twitter account! Somehow, I celebrated her birthday by posting her picture! Well, you can follow my sub-Twitter account for my other photography works, as well as some doll clothes construction!

So then, let us head on to the highlights of what I had encountered during this week!

JP-Side Highlights

As mentioned in the previous episode of this segment, there are limited scoutings going on, as well as other features within the Aqours 5th Anniversary Celebration Campaign! Mostly, they shall feature sub-units limited scouting — in their UNIT LIVE ADVENTURE 2020 costumes. Their featured sub-unit songs are available for a limited time in the B-Sides of the Live Show! I am just thinking whether to scout them or not. Though that their main skills are considerably strong for my current teams, they are somehow needed as Yell Units in order to get more Event Points when I play in Events! But then, it is a great opportunity for people to scout these members as an addition to their growing collection, as well if they are looking for it to create a strong, powerful, and ultimate teams!

Also, during the Companion Match Event, I had encountered many struggles, such as winning with the most number of Perfects, in a Perfects Mission Match. Another thing is the progress and the accumulation of Event Points. Since they had changed the Tier and Rankings, it shall make my Tier 1 position winning difficult to achieve. About the Event URs in the Scouting, they must be scouted in order to get additional Event Points in the Event, especially if playing on Master difficulty. I had accumulated at least 1 million Event Points, but then it was still not enough for me to get into Tier 1 position, where rewards are better than in Tier 2 position. There are no changes with the rewards in the Score Rankings, but then, I know that I won’t be able to secure another Tier 1 in the Score Rankings due to my limited upgrades and UR Score-Types in my stable. Again, since there are Master difficulties present in every future Events now, this shall make my future Event Point Tier 1 Ranking winning seasons difficult to achieve.

For the results of the Companion Match Event, I finished with a Tier 2-2 Position (Event Points and Score). In the previous Companion Match Event, you need to get into Rank 10,000 to secure for a guaranteed Tier 1 Position. However, in the new and revamped Companion Match Event, you need to place yourself in Rank 500 and above to get into that position. I did not make it to the Tier 1 position. In fact, I am just saying that Event URs featured in Scouting is a must now to have, since they can act as Yell Units to increase your Event Points accumulation, especially if you are playing on Master difficulty.

I hope we won’t reach yet the ‘endgame’, wherein we are about to witness the game’s end, since they are giving us everything that we wanted. But then, we shall wait and see what could be the future or what is in the other side of the white light, if you know what I mean.

Global Side Highlights

In the Global Side of this game, Yohane Birthday Campaign is also present. But then, it offers a different feature from the JP Side. It has a mini-game in which you will have to roll for the number of steps, by using the Gift Items obtained by clearing Live Show Goals. Reaching the goal loop will give you an Event SR Exchange Ticket, in which you can get some of her previous Event SRs!

The Companion Match Event, if I had noticed, is running only short for 7 days, instead of the the usual 9 or 10 days period. But then, I should have enjoyed this Event too much, since this could be the last Companion Match Event in which they shall feature two Event SRs as rewards. After this Event, it shall be the new chapter or arc for School Idol Festival, in which it shall never be the same again.

End of Episode 3: The Ultimate Live Show Begins!

So then, we are about to expect a major showdown, in which we are about to approach the new SIF — a rhythm game that will never be the same again. So then, get ready for the ultimate live show challenge!

Tune in next week in the public gaming diary of Inori-D Station, the School Idol Festival Journal Log. See you next week!

And we got another one incoming! To be continued…

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