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Overview (Story)
“It’s like a game.”

Sung somehow survived from the dangerous double dungeon, and he was finally awakened in the hospital with his body together again. The people from the Hunters Guild association had told him that a few Hunters have survived and escaped. And in some time, Sung is imaginarily seeing a visual notification that a “secret quest”, or the qualifications in becoming a Player has been cleared.

And now Sung has become a Hunter, and a Player, he must do Daily Quests in order to become stronger. When he has failed to do his Daily Quest, he has received a “Penalty” Quest, where he must need to survive in the dimension for four hours to escape, while giant monsters are chasing him.

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Review time. I do really expected that Sung can survive at the end.

I do really got a vibe of “Adventure RPG” aspects here, since I can tell by just looking at that interface that Sung is looking by imagination. Yep, you know about interfaces in RPGs, right? Such as that you have to accept and confirm that quest. Or even denying it, but letting you to complete that “Penalty” quest instead. The common thing in RPGs is that you can fight and defeat monsters for experience, and to level up in order to get stronger. Yep, and that reminded me of the nostalgic “Ragnarok Online” game, or such related.

Going in the depth of the review. Sung has survived because he has completed a secret quest, that not many Hunters like him can finish. Basically, he is really something that makes the tables turn around in no time without warning. And so, at first, he has no idea on how to adjust himself with this “Quest System” that is already implanted in his mind. But then, he is getting used to it, though, in daily basis. So then, I do really expect more of his “growing” character dev here, especially in the next suceeding Episodes or chapters.

And because of that quest system, Sung just needed to train hard, and to become stronger, by just doing on what I call in online games as “Dailies”. Yep, it is really common in some online games to clear all Daily Quests, and to get items — they are necessary for your character’s strength! And then, what are you going to do once you had completed your Daily Quest in online games? Yep, that’s an insight, for me!

Overall, this Episode is kind of good, when it comes to representing something, which is somehow related to ours — our own daily quests to become stronger! But then, this Episode is kinda slow-paced, when it comes to plot progression. Gosh, I have to wait an another week to see on how Sung was able to clear the Instance Dungeon by himself. Sometimes, a solo gamer must really need to fight alone, just in order to prove himself or herself.

My Rating: AVERAGE (3.7/5)

Review Rating Summary and Breakdown

Story: (3/5) – Plot progression can be slow, due to the fact that it is elaborating something — like some explanations on how did Sung must able to navigate with the Quest System interface as a Player Hunter. Overall, not a boring Episode.
Animation: (4/5) – Adventure RPG interfaces reminded me of an online game, where you will have to confirm when a quest is cleared. Definitely, amazing, because I am used to play also RPGs. I got no problem when judging about action scenes, and some blood and fatalities out there. Overall, it’s just great.
Insights: (4/5) – Sometimes, we got to be consistent on what we are doing, whether at work, school, or at any hobbies that we have. Just missing a day of our routinal work means that we can face horrible consequences — like punishment, or even the worse part — penalty at perks.

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Series Info
Solo Leveling
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Solo Leveling can be watched on Crunchyroll, and some other VODs, like Netflix.

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