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Nijigasaki First Live “with You” II

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Overview (Story)
“This could be our club’s first live show!”

Kasumi is hearing rumors about their School Idol Club being promoted into a higher category. Which means, when they are promoted, they can get a shot to enter the “LoveLive!” Event — Where several School Idol Groups are competing to become the best School Idols in their land. Before they could even do that, they must need to take their upcoming examinations!

It seems that everyone is in their top gears to study hard in order to pass the exams. Meanwhile, Karin is looking worried and doubtful, and she is looking so down while storing her sadness from everybody in secret. But then, what else does Karin have in mind to make them stand together in one stage for once again?

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Let’s have finally our review on this Episode!

Well, talking about examination stuff, before going to the review and impression proper… It does remind me of my own high school and college days again. And that is where I have to scan every notes that I had written in order to memorize some stuff — especially if that written examination requires you to enumerate some items in the list! Basically, the Nijigaku Girls do represent some usual people or students who were usually studying in groups! One group or person does really help that other person who is in trouble understanding some difficult terms, as well as understanding and memorizing some other “mathematical formulas” that they have encountered during their lessons. Some people who were having a hard time learning some stuff are just like Kasumi and Karin. While for people who could really sure that they can pass the exam without taking a peek at their notebooks and textbooks, they are just like Mia. Well, I am just like a student in the past who doesn’t really review on “Math” subjects that much. And I am the one indeed who is helping these fellow students of mine who can’t even solve that such “mathematical expression” problems! The rest of the groups, so far, are indeed understandable on what they could else represent as the typical high school students (or even college students) who are usually preparing for some major exams.

Whew, going back… Let’s talk about the characters and story!

Karin now really showing her sadness and doubtfulness again, after all of her showing in the previous ninth Episode (First Season). But then, it is really just a reminder that we should not really try to keep our own sadness and depression to ourselves. And then, we just don’t simply hide it by saying some humorous jokes or other slapstick comedy, just to make some excuses. You can find out why by reading the “Nijigaku Throwback” part at the end of this Episode!

At least, the story flow isn’t wasting its time after all! Unlike the previous Episode, where I saw it as a filler, this one is a real-deal, wherein all of the thirteen (13) girls are put into action this time around. And then, I do really like the execution of some dialogues and scenes here, and I can imagine writing some dialogue lines in some of my blog post series, which are longer than I thought. And finally, I can see some HHWW (holding hands while walking) scenes there, especially when Rina and Mia are running together (Wow, Rina-Mia is the best ship, so far, for me). Overall, the characters in this Episode were all given a chance to stand altogether, thus trying to fit their screen appearances very well in this Episode for a bit longer (Just like Episode 10).

Nijigasaki High School Idol Club First Live with You
Nijigasaki High School Idol Club First Live “with You”
Visual Poster

At the end of this Episode, do you still remember this visual poster? This one is their version one (1.0). And the one that appeared at the end of this Episode (the featured image of this review blog post) is their version two (2.0, II)! Spot the difference! And that is why my Episode Review title is like that!

At the end, I have learned that it is really important to be prepared at all things, like that exam thing! Especially when an exciting recreational activity or event is coming closer, and this major exam is in the way, we must indeed attack the one that is hindering first in our way! Just try your best to hang on as possible, and worry about the consequences later on. And also, we must try to tell everything on what we feel inside, instead of storing these feelings, whether sadness or doubt, alone. Sometimes, we must learn on how we could shout on what we feel for everyone, so that in order to release them. At the same time, our own sadness and depression in us will also disappear when we shout these feelings.

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Nijigaku Throwback!

For our throwback from the previous Season, also from the parallel Episode number, here is the snapshot! Take a look below!

Showing and Releasing Frustration
Episode 11 (Season 1): Everyone’s Dreams, My Dreams

For all of the time, you have been keeping that sadness to yourself from others. Until it has finally grown bigger and bigger, what has happened? Basically, it is just like storing your own urine, in which you want it to be released from your body bladder. And do you understand that reference?

Of what Ayumu did is that she released her own stored sadness and depression to Yu Takasaki, wherein she can’t take it anymore, because she is already suffering painfully by storing those.

That’s why I had heard and seen from the line of the lyrics, “There is a pain that sleeps inside with just one eye, and it awakens the moment that you leave me.” Familiar? You can search that line by yourself, and it actually references from an old song, where it used to be my favorite since my high school days.

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Series Info
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LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club SEASON TWO has been started airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since April 2, 2022. Available in some streaming platforms (Bilibili, Crunchyroll, and on its LoveLive! Series Official YouTube channel).

For more info, see this page.

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