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No Need to Rush

This blog post may contain minimal spoilers. Please read this only if you had seen this Episode.

Overview (Story)

“Martial arts aren’t for inflicting harm to others…”

Ryo has finally landed on Hong Kong — on his quest to find a certain person that Master Chen has told him on the letter. A girl on a motorcycle, named Joy, has warned him about the possible crimes and thefts around Hong Kong, where Ryo is currently standing. Ryo got robbed, but then, he continues his search for a person, who is named as Lishao Tao. He finally ends up meeting an old man who is practicing alone with his “Tai-Chi” Chen-style of martial arts. He can only tell Ryo about on where he could find the person that he is currently looking for — Ryo must master the Chen-style Tai-Chi, and he must make more of the leaves to fall into the ground by striking the trunk of the tree with his palm!

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Let’s head on into the Episode Review!

The show really has interpreted Hong Kong as the city of crimes, where pickpocketing and gangster fights are always there.

One thing that I had observed when Ryo has landed into Hong Kong is that most conversations are all Japanese, instead of the usual “Cantonese” language. Usually, in some films, I had been hearing other characters speaking that language, especially at the villains side. No wonder, but I can assume that I can imagine that they were already talking in Cantonese language in actual, though that all of their dialogues were totally Japanese. Do you get what I had been talking about?

This time, let’s talk about the theme of this Episode. It shows that in order for you to get that certain thing on time, you shouldn’t need to be in a hurry. Or in other words, “no need to rush”. I had been hearing those words and phrases from at least two characters that tell Ryo that he must no need to rush himself in getting that thing on his hands (Like Ryo’s rush in getting clues on how to find his person of target).

Finally, it really shows that martial arts can be a form of self-defense tactics, in which it can be used both offense and defense. In the sense that it can be used to attack and defend, you can also use them without even hurting your opponents who tried to attack against you. Yeah, and I had been reminded of some random Chinese films which features the actor, “Donnie Yen“, in his own style of martial arts that can also beat down a powerful, brutal boxer.

To end this review and impression Episode, I had learned that everything should not be rushed whenever there’s still plenty of time. If there are major problems in life that you must need to solve in a due time immediately, then the best way to do is to be patient. Patience is the key in order to be successful. What’s the perk of finishing something very quick, and yet, you are never trying something new once you achieved it? It is basically just similar to some of your adventures, in which you just need to progress constantly — It can be a slow process, but at least you could gain some progress and achievements. And to shorten everything in this paragraph, just be patient and don’t rush yourself.

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