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Overview (Story)
“Whenever you need to cheer up, come and see us!”

The day has come, and they had finally made their “First Live” as 12 members, with Yu Takasaki acting as a supporter for them (Makes 13). While the girls had received their own flower stands, containing letters from their fans, Yu can’t believe that she has also received one.

As they are thanking their fans even more, Ayumu and the others have performed their last, ending song.

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Whew, what a season finale! Anyway, let’s head on to the review and impression proper post! This is the last one!

It seems that the girls had given everything what they got this time. So far, it is just a clip show, where they had showcased their own “B-Side” songs, notably in the B-Sides of their “Love U my friends” album, and R3BIRTH’s B-Sides of their “MONSTER GIRLS” album (i.e. Shioriko’s Aoi Canaria). So far, my favorite one is Karin Asaka’s Wish song. To you, whose song was your favorite? And then, it was just like watching an actual live performance (as in online paid live streaming) in an animation manner.

For their featured song, Future Parade, their costumes are just minimal and aren’t as frilly as in their other previous costumes — Just only a stylish school uniform with colored ribbons according to their character color. But then, to spoil you ahead, this song shall appear in their upcoming 5th Live live performance around September 2022. Overall, I do really like their costumes — Just for my project references!

Nothing too much to scan in their Season Finale, but… The final part is mostly just like returning back to their normal state as they are, after too much drama and battles. Except it’s a fact that only Ayumu and Yu are totally the main heroines who had gained more character development than everybody else.

Also, learning from the Season Finale, we must know that our battles are not yet over. Maybe, it could be our time to relax and chill. But then, there is an incoming trouble or conflict that will arise at anytime. In any case, we should be all prepared at all times.

And that’s it for my Episode Review and Impression! Thanks for reading!

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Nijigaku Throwback!

To serve for the Season Finale’s ending, here is our Final Nijigaku Throwback for this Episode! Please, take a look on this screenshot for the last time!

Next School Idol Mission
Final Episode (Season 1): School Idol Festival

We are done with our final mission, and we can finally rest and relax.

But then, as we are resting and celebrating, another trouble comes. This is where we can able to continue with our own stories, as we are about to take another mission. Another mission is where we could face another drama, challenges, and even more allies and rivals along the way. But no matter what, we ain’t surrendering, right?

This is where our stories still continue, as “Supporters” of these lovely School Idols.

Even though that they were off from the animation, we can still follow their stories — To be continued in the LoveLive! School Idol Festival ALL STARS! And be sure to watch their upcoming live performance events in the succeeding months and years to come!

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Series Info
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LoveLive! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club SEASON TWO has been started airing and streaming in Japan and overseas since April 2, 2022. Available in some streaming platforms (Bilibili, Crunchyroll, and on its LoveLive! Series Official YouTube channel).

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