How to Save and Spend Wisely on Every Local Conventions that You are Attending

I am hearing the term ‘whaling’, especially on the online games that I am playing, or even at some community that I have joined. When I say ‘whaling’, it means you get every single item by spending some cash that you currently have. And in terms of size, you are big because you have some exclusive and expensive items that you have on hand and in stable.

When I say, ‘RIP Wallet’, it means you have spent all of your money and allowance for the merch that you are buying.

So, I got some tips on how to spend and save some money wisely on every local conventions that you are attending. This may apply to all types of local conventions, not just Anime (i.e. ToyCon).

1. Know the Purpose of the Item You Buy
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From my point of view and experience, I buy some figures or merchandise. But before buying them, I should figure out of what was the purpose of buying it. You buy that item because you have some purpose. I only buy some Anime figures just for my figure photography purposes, and not just displaying them in my cabinet or shelves and looking at them with my two eyes. I buy some merchandise because I have a purpose. And that it, I want them to be used for my recreational purposes, such as celebrations, everyday activities, and so on. Of course, I do not only buy that figure or merchandise because I wanted to. It is because I want to put it into something useful — something that I can use with in my everyday activities, such as parties, celebrations, or meetups.

My tip in this part is that you must know the item that you are buying. If you can buy it, but you can’t question yourself on how you can use it well, don’t buy it, even if you wanted to. Of course, there is a next time to that.

2. Don’t Just Stick to One Price.
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If the item that you are looking for in the local convention looks expensive, then why not try on other booth or shop that has that same item, but different in pricing? If you think the other booth has that same item, but different in price, then you might go to that booth in which the price is lower than the other. Try moving around because seeing that item that you are looking for twice does not mean that there will be no third. Once that you have move around, the final part is that you decide on the booth that sells that item at a considerable lower price.

Remember that the item that you are looking for in both booths does not mean that they were authentic. Sometimes, you need to pay attention on that item’s authenticity because the item that you had bought in a cheaper price is already a bootleg. So before buying, you need to determine if it is a bootleg or not. If it is a bootleg, then return it to the shelves.

3. Don’t Spend More than You Can Afford
Some random merchandise, like photobooks, stickers, and other novelties.

Basically, almost the continuation in number one. Also, you must know your limits in spending. Remember and try not to spend more money on some items more that you can afford. By spending more, it shall leave you with some consequences. Remember to leave some extra money for your transportation, food, or some anything that you need to buy and claim for the future (i.e. your pending pre-orders online and such). And that is, you don’t need to cram on something that needs to be paid immediately.

Also, plan ahead for the upcoming expenses that you are about to take soon. Once you have receive some money for your allowance, or your monthly work, you must break them down and calculate for possible outcome!

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My only haul during my local Anime convention attendance…
My Final Words

It is recommended that you plan everything before going. You have to plan your expenses from the start. Don’t just think a thing that comes into your mind. You must know the item that you buy and spend your money wisely to avoid cramming on future expenses, such as pending pre-orders, and so on.


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